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Salem Al Mubarak Street
Zahra Complex
8th Floor
Office No. 36
P.O. Box 2020
Al Yarmouk
12020 Kuwait
Tel.: (+965) 2572 0810
Fax: (+965) 2572 0860
about us

The story behind the name

In chemistry, PH7 is the non-acidic, non-alkaline, neutral combination. In parallel, PH7, Publishing House 7, aims at remaining a non-biased publishing house.

History and Vision of PH7

Ever since it started its operation in 2001, PH7 has been growing steadily in the Kuwaiti market. Our vision is to embrace the changes in the market and to always present that which is new and unique.

Standing out, making a difference and innovating have been the pillars of PH7 and this is reflected in our publications. Our aim is to provide a friendly working atmosphere where individual growth is promoted, where co-operation is of essence and self-motivation is guaranteed.

While PH7 started with only 3 employees, today our team consists of more than 30 hard working, dedicated full time employees and a number of part time writers.

While PH7 had only one publication in 2001, today we have four publications of our own; MENíS PASSION, STUDENTALK, THETALK, and AHLAN! and three publications under contract; B Journal on behalf of Behbehani Group, Heritage on behalf of the Historical Vintage and Classic Cars Museum, Seas and Deserts on behalf of Al Omiri Group.

Our vision is to keep growing, slowly, but steadily. Each step well calculated to maintain the standards and quality that PH7 has grown to become known for.

Mission statement

PH7 is founded on two major principles:

1. Creating new challenges

2. Rising up to the challenges

These principles are applied on the individual as well as on the organizational level.

Every year, PH7 strives for growth and improvement. Our team works as one towards achieving the same goals.

The management style is highly motivational, keeping a balance between interpersonal relations and task achievements.

It is through the dedication and hard work of the PH7 team that we are able to achieve our position in the market.